Lunar Hendrix Perforated Pump

Type: Sandals
Vendor: Lunar


  • Materials: Upper Made From Synthetic
  • Colours: Beige And White
  • Lining: Synthetic
  • Heel And Sole: Synthetic
  • Main Features: A Padded Insole With Metallic Toe Cap And Counter
  • Decoration: Perforated Star Patterned Quarters


The Hendrix is similar in appearance to The Harris Pump with the Quilted Inner Sole and slightly squared Toe Cap. The Hendrix has patterned Quarters and a Metallic Gold Or Silver Toe Cap and Counter decorated at the front with a Bow and each side has a cut out of Stars. This provides Breath Ability for the wearers foot and long lasting comfort...


The Hendrix would be ideal with Casual Wear and it is a bit Glitzy for the office with the metallic's, with Beige and White being best paired with Neutral or slightly Dark Tones Tan and Burgundy would be a good match....